Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best music videos of the decade (15 - 11)

Missy Elliott with Ciara and Fatman Scoop
Director: Dave Meyers
We start off with Missy's 2005 contribution to the video pantheon. If anything defines a good R&B video, it's dance moves, weird cameos and other sillyness. "Lose Control" is just perfect for a high school pep squad... kinda like Gwen Stefani tracks but with a little less cheerleading and a fat guy... and Tommy Lee.

Director: Phil Harder
Mix up some September 11th airport paranoia with crayon-y special effects, and you've got Prince's most political track ever. Yes, that is the Whale Rider girl; and no, I don't know what the "5:5" means on Prince's forehead. Undoubtedly the best Prince video in the last 10 years. But, it barely beat out "Black Sweat"...

Directors: Sean Gilligan and Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Silverchair quietly made some spectacular vids in the last decade. At least 3 are in the Top 50 for me, and "Across the Night" is their best. In a time where the band was on an indefinite touring hiatus and the future was dim, this managed to keep the band alive through airwaves. I didn't even realize it was in grayscale until a second viewing. It took me about 20 views to realize that was Guy Pearce, too.

BEST OF THE DECADE INDEX [ Intro .:. Hon. Mentions .:. 15-11 .:. 10-6 .:. 5-1 ]

The Strokes
Director: Sophie Muller
The Strokes really have it together in the video department. Cuts like "Hard to Explain" (stock footage) and "You Only Live Once" (slowly drowning in black water) are gems. But, their Muller-directed video for "The End Has No End" is the diamond. Gorgeous actresses, a Space Odyssey monolith and milk all compliment the band in a mirrored room (a nod to the Eno Pussyfooting album cover). The musical score within the letterbox are a brilliant idea, as the guitar parts are so distinct.

Gwen Stefani
Director: Francis Lawrence
Gwen's first solo single... a massive video about the pressures of making a "hot track", juxtaposed with some wicked Alice in Wonderland imagery (the best since Tom Petty did it). Stefani shaking her ass isn't a bad thing to look at, either.

...check an upcoming post for the top ten and more!

BEST OF THE DECADE INDEX [ Intro .:. Hon. Mentions .:. 15-11 .:. 10-6 .:. 5-1 ]

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