Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best of 2009: Music video

Lenny Kravitz

Director: Keith Schofield
I just discovered the catalog of Schofield oddball videos this year. His "Heaven Can Wait" vid is definitely screwy, but this one is sleek. I am amazed no one has done this before (maybe they have): make a music video just like the end credits of a movie, but keep it a part of the film.

Empire of the Sun
Director: Josh Logue
Sometimes three props are all you need. But it must be a cool chair with a bull and a raptor statue. One other necessity, however: look like Bowie.

N.A.S.A. with Sizzla, Amanda Blank and Lovefoxxx
Director: Logan
There seems to be a trend with animation these days: The thing to do is make your cartoon totally "hip" (translate: no one understands it). "A Volta" takes it to next level, adding closed captions to translate the Portuguese gang jargon. It's also so fast moving, so much that I almost have a seizure watching it. I expect a lot more of this kind of beautiful-but-gritty animation in the next decade.

Green Day
Director: Marc Webb
When I saw the thumbnail of the new Green Day video, I thought, "oh, no... they've made one of those tacky Shockwave videos". Thirty seconds into it, I wasn't impressed... but I kept watching. Then I re-watched it over and over. For such a rollercoaster of a song, the visuals help flood the retina with pregnancy, hypnosis, roses and zombie tongue-kissing politicians. Maybe the album wouldn't have been such a flop if this video came out sooner?

Modest Mouse
Director: Nando Costa
This little bugger was #10 in the decade list.

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