Friday, December 9, 2011

"Partyman" -- a music video retrospective

[Google Blogger totally lost my draft, in its entirety. This is a less-than-desirable rewrite.]

This may be the one. The one that shuts down the blog, causes litigation, pain and suffering. Oh well, end 2011 with a party: Prince: Partyman.

The Batman soundtrack was recorded within a few weeks, with Prince R. Nelson playing almost every note. This is a guy who couldn't release enough music. Batman is the beginning of Prince's New Jack Swing phase, a genre that spawned the likes of MC Hammer, MJ's Dangerous and other various R&B urban ventures.  And here is a fruit of that labor: "Partyman", a follow-up single to the ubiquitous "Batdance".

That video is a classic, where Prince and the director introduced the "Gemini" persona--a half-Batman, half-Joker character. As a young lad in 1989, it was very impressed upon me. The movie, too. But, we don't have time to Batdance or Batusi, because we're focusing on the Joker:

The totally necessary, totally original chimp prank:
Take that, Darwin!

So... the Partyman... a kind of half-Joker, half-Prince character (?). He is the MC/guest of honor, and within moments he spikes the punch bowl. Also, the punch bowl is actually a mermaid tank. Also, I don't know what his agenda is, but he loves pranks.

Partyman loves women, to an extent. He can never close. The prank is his only mistress (note: very un-Prince-like). There are four encounters with women in this video, all leading to flat-out denial, or sexual abuse.

Screw it, here's more GIFs:

Partyman lighting an exploding cigar:

The finger lick:

The bottom line, after watching the video is to never let Partyman spike your punch. Because he will kill you.

Director: Al Magnoli
Length: 7:15
Released: August, 1989

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