Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best of 2012: Music video

Better late than never. The year of 2012 was chock-full of good stuff in the video realm. Here are my picks for the best. Notice there is no overrated, overproduced Korean pop on the list.

Tenacious D
"Rize of the Fenix"
Director: Daniels

This video is strikingly original in this culture of YouTube DIY. It's a pseudo-rough cut, and it hits a home run for the band's long career of quality vids.

Jay-Z & KanYe West
"Niggas in Paris"
Director: KanYe West

Yes, the video came out in early 2012. This is quite honestly the best concert-shot video I've seen. Just mesmerizing!

"Better Energy"
Director: Peter Sluszka

Where did this come from? Seriously full of great old school and new school special effects. Reminds me of so many things.

The Shins
"The Rifle's Spiral"
Director: Jamie Caliri

Marvelous. I'm not a big fan of the band or their vibe, but this video is just right. Almost Burton-esque in its delivery, it stories two schools of magicians in competition: the young and the old. Relax, it's magic!

"Run Boy Run"
Directors: Yoann Lemoine / Iconoclast

A really simple yet heartwarming, powerful video. We've all run in that kid's shoes. I've seen other effects that come close, but nothing truly pulls off the morphing like this one.

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