Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best of the Year 2013: Music video

The year 2013 was a hot and innovative one for music videodom. For one, Miley. For two, Beyonce's visual album. For three, Kanye's weird music videos and projections. For four, Pharrell's 24-hour video. None of these, however, were the best of the year.

Queens of the Stone Age
"Keep Your Eyes Peeled"
Directors: Liam Brazier & Boneface

Grizzly Bear
Director: Kris Moyes

"Your Life is a Lie"
Director: Tom Kuntz

Vampire Weekend
"Diane Young"
Director: Primo Kahn

Jackson and His Computerband
"G.I. Jane"
Directors: Myzyk & Moriceau

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