Monday, January 4, 2016

Best of the Year 2015: Music video

Jamie xx
Director: Erik Wernquist
It was a good year for Mars! I don't know whether it was the music mix, or the patient visuals, or what, but this video is mesmerizing.

Jo Goes Hunting
"Run Away"
Director: Shai Langen
Another mesmerizer. I'm not sure if the paint and dots are really real, but they've got me convinced.

Dan Deacon
"Meme Generator"
Director: Monica Mirabile
It's like the plot of eXistenZ as seen by Eric Wareheim...

Spirit Club
"Still Life"
Director: Jacob Turnbloom
This video embodies the Surfer punk aesthetic of the 2000s.

Royal Blood
"Out of the Black"
Director: David Wilson and Christy Karacas
Nunchuks. Gas stations. Makes me miss Superjail.

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